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rbutr is a community driven app which creates links between  webpages where the content of one page is a rebuttal against another. The content may be directly arguing against the original content, or generally presenting contradictory evidence. App users are alerted when they browse a rebutted page, providing them a link through to the rebuttal(s).

rbutr aims to facilitate inter-website debate, guide users to rebuttals of dubious information, and indirectly influence our users so that they approach all online information with an increased level of skepticism and critical appraisal.

More Details

  • Operations began in February 2012
    • Public Beta launched on the 6th of March 2012
    • May saw a 300% growth in overall membership
  • Seed funding and support is being provided by the Start-Up Chile incubator program
  • Our current focus is on developing our community engagement
    • We aim to have key contrarians blogs and columnists monitored so that their rebuttal content is added to rbutr within hours of being published

Founding Team

Shane Greenup
Graduated from the University of NSW, Sydney Australia in 2005 with a double degree:
B. Arts           – Philosophy
– History and Philosophy of Science
B. Science    – Molecular Biology (Hons)
Subsequently went on to develop an Internet and Affiliate Marketing business which has operated profitably for over six years.

Craig O’Shannessy
With over 22 years of experience operating his own software engineering freelance business, Craig has an expertise in software analysis, design, project management and application development.


Michael Shermer

Founder of the Skeptic Society, editor of Skeptic Magazine, columnist at Scientific American, and science writer with over 15 published books behind him. Michael Shermer joined rbutr as an advisor and supporter early August 2012.

Contact Details

You can reach Shane at   email to contact rbutr  where he can provide Skype details or a contact phone number for Chile, or Craig in Australia.
Also possible to reach us at twitter: @rbutrcom or @aegist
And also through our facebook page: rbutr

“rbutr’s ultimate goal is to provide an easy way out of the confirmation bias bubble we all subconsciously construct around ourselves, where we are only ever presented claims and beliefs with which we already agree.”

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