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rbutr is a community driven app which creates links between webpages where the content of one page is a rebuttal against the other. The content may be directly arguing against the original content, or generally presenting contradictory evidence. App users are alerted when they browse to a rebutted page, providing them a link through to the rebuttal(s).

rbutr aims to facilitate inter-website debate, guide users to rebuttals of dubious information, and indirectly influence our users so that they approach all online information with an increased level of skepticism and critical appraisal.

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F.A.Q | Getting to know rbutr

More Details

  • Operations began in February 2012
    • Public Beta launched on the 6th of March 2012
  • Some seed funding and support has been provided by the Start-Up Chile program
  • Focus over 2012 and 2013 has been on developing a solid foundation of “true fans” who will cheer rbutr on to wider audiences
  • At the beginning of 2014 we are now focusing on expanding into the Education sector as well as releasing some new major developments


Shane Greenup rbutrShane Greenup graduated from the University of NSW, Sydney Australia in 2005 with majors in Philosophy, Molecular biology (hons) and the History and Philosophy of Science. After graduation he went on to develop an Internet and Affiliate Marketing business which he has operated profitably for over seven years.

rbutr was originally Shane's idea, and it is the ideal culmination of his backgrounds in philosophy, science, Internet marketing, and Internet based entrepreneurship.
Craig O'Shannessy rbutrCraig O'Shannessy has over 22 years of experience operating his own software engineering freelance business, which has given him an expertise in software analysis, design, project management and application development.

Another successful solo entrepreneur, Craig's project management and technical expertise is the perfect complement to Shane's Internet marketing experience and visionary drive.


Harry Durgin rbutrHarry Durgin is a successfully retired serial entrepreneur and hacker who joined our team mid 2013 as a full time volunteer developer. His specialties include hardware systems integration, UNIX, database management and interface design.

Advisors and Advocates

Aubrey de'Grey rbutrDr. Aubrey de Grey is the Chief Science Officer of SENS Research Foundation, the Editor-in-Chief of Rejuvenation Research, and Author. He received his BA and Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge in 1985 and 2000 respectively. His original field was computer science, and he did research in the private sector for six years in the area of software verification before switching to biogerontology in the mid-1990s. (More on Wikipedia)
Michael Shermer rbutrMichael Shermer is the founder of the Skeptic Society, editor of Skeptic Magazine, columnist at Scientific American, and science writer with over 15 published books behind him. Michael Shermer joined rbutr as an advisor and supporter early August 2012. (More in Wikipedia)
Tim Farley rbutrTim Farley is a computer software engineer, writer and instructor with an expertise in computer security and reverse engineering. He is a Research Fellow of the James Randi Educational Foundation, the creator of the website What's The Harm?, and the owner of the SkepTools blog. (more on Wikipedia)

Tim was one of rbutrs first serious supporters and has written and talked about the value of rbutr as a tool for critical thinking online numerous times since rbutr was started.

Contact Details

You can reach Shane at email to contact rbutr where he can provide further contact details for himself or Craig.

Also possible to reach us at twitter: @rbutrcom or @aegist

And also through our facebook page: rbutr

“rbutr’s ultimate goal is to provide an easy way out of the confirmation bias bubble we all subconsciously construct around ourselves, where we are only ever presented claims and beliefs with which we already agree.”

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