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President Trump
Video of Mob assaulting trump voter
The real cause of the horrific bashing of the old white driver had nothing to do with voting for Donald Trump
Chicago: White Man Brutally Beaten by Black Mob for Voting Trump – Trump Thump –
A video of several men beating an old white guy while onlookers egg them on, screaming that he voted for Trump. The victims statement and police report makes it clear that the incident was started by a traffic altercation, and that the bystanders alone brought Trump up.
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Donald Trump and the Simpsons
The predictive power of The Simpsons
TrumpPoliticsThe Simpsons
Simpsons Episode from 2000 Predicts TRUMP Becomes President and More – DAHBOO77 Trump Canard –
The Simpsons have predicted a lot of future events over their time, including an earily accurate depiction of Trump’s presidential candidacy and victory. The Simpsons did mention “President Trump” back in 2000, but the accurate imagery from his candidacy announcement was made after that event, in 2015.
Justin Trudeau did not make statement on immigration of Americans
Canada has not received 10 million immigration applications
Canada Receives Over 10 Million US Immigrant Applications – Canadian Beacon –
Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, made a shocking announcement the morning after the election saying that Canada has received about 11.5 million immigration applications from American residents. Justin Trudeau made no such announcement, and a quick look at the Global Sun clearly reveals that it is a fake news website.
Climate Change
Global Greening image
Global greening, global warming, and the scientific consensus
Climate ChangeScienceGlobal Greening
Matt Ridley: Global warming versus global greening – Matt Ridley’s lecture – …and Then There’s Physics
Matt Ridley gives a 40min presentation on why he believes Climate Change is overstated by the scientific community, and how Global Greening is a positive impact of higher CO2 concentration. This response addresses a number of points made by Matt Ridley, addressing his comments on the scientific consensus, and criticising his ability to better evaluate the science than the scientists themselves.
Genetically Modified Organisms
Farmer in field of GMP crops
The promised bounty of GMOs
Doubts About the Promised Bounty of Genetically Modified Crops – The Times Gets it Wrong on GMOs –
GMOs have failed to deliver on their promise of robust crops indispensible to feeding the world’s population. The NYTimes article appears to be written to fit an agenda, not fit the facts, and has ommitted a great deal of available information which contradicts the conclusions of the author.
School of Athens and the Thinker
What is Philosophy good for? Again.
Lovers of Wisdom: What began in wonder has ended in pedantry. – The never ending discussion: what’s philosophy good for? – Footnotes to Plato
“It seems to mean that philosophy, which, according to Aristotle, begins in wonder, has ended in pedantry and protocols and office charts.” This article is more an exploration of what Philosophy is good for, and involves some critiques of several articles on the subject, including the source page here.
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