Millions of people fleeing America for Canada

No, there aren’t. This isn’t happening, and the article by the Global Sun is just another deadpan satirical article by a fake news site which way too many people are taking way too seriously.

Justin Trudeau did nor make statement on immigration of Americans

rbutr user Byron Clark added this rebuttal early today, using a Snopes article as the rebuttal. The Snopes response very simply pointed out the ‘fake news’ status of The Global Sun, and even going to the trouble of making sure the Canadian Prime Minister did not issue any such statement about millions of Americans applying for citizenship, as claimed in the original article.

There isn’t really anything else to say about this. There is nothing to analyse here. The original is simple satire. People unfortunately believe it because it isn’t ridiculously absurd, just unreasonably absurd, and so a rebuttal seems necessary. Sadly.

Anyway, please be sure to connect the rebuttal to any other versions of this article which may get out there (nonsense always multiplies unless you stay on top of it!).

The simpsons did not predict Trump in 2000

Oh, and while we’re here, can everyone please stop sharing the Simpsons predicted the Trump presidency escalator scene? They didn’t. That clip was made after that happened. Yes, in 2000 the Simpsons did refer to “president Trump”, but that is all they did, and even back in 1999 there was talk of him running for President, so it wasn’t a completely unreasonable joke to make.

In any case, here is the snopes article on that topic too. Be sure to quash that nonsense any time you see it too!

(I submitted two rebuttals thanks to making this post! The snopes article linked to a source page which I could rebut, and that video suggested another which made the same claim! See the link here. Always Be Rebutting.)


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