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We’re looking for feedback from teachers who require good examples of arguments and counter arguments on various topics to use in classrooms, usually to teach critical literacy to their students. Below you will find a list of curated content where the left hand side is an article making an argument on some issue, and to the right of that is a counter-argument to the first article.

What we would like to know is: Is this kind of resource useful to you as a teacher? Would you like us to put together more lists on other subjects, like GMOs, Evolution, Climate Change, Politics, Technology etc?

What other information would you like us to provide with the list? For example, we could summarise the major arguments of each article on the page – would that be of use?

Please leave comments below, or send them to us on Twitter or Facebook and we will hopefully help provide you with some useful resources for your classes

Opening Argument Counter Argument
Intolerance, loss of privilege, and Christianity in the USA.
The new intolerance: will we regret pushing Christians out of public life? – newstatesman.com Christians aren’t being driven out of public life – they’re just losing their unfair advantages – newstatesman.com
When is it OK to appropriate foreign cultural activities?
SocietyCultural AppropriationRacism
Why I can’t stand white belly dancers – Salon.com What would Salon think of an article called, ‘Why I can’t stand Asian musicians who play Beethoven’? – WashingtonPost.com
Perhaps there are some reasons Generation Y are ‘cheap’…
SocietyGeneration YEconomics
The Cheapest Generation – TheAtlantic.com A Millennial’s Rebuttal to Being Classified as “The Cheapest Generation” – AMPAgency.com
Binary sexes, descrimination and transgendered people in society.
Discrimination Is Healthy And Normal. Sex Confusion Is Not – thefederalist.com Lies, Damn Lies, and Lies About Transgender People – bilerico.com
Obeying police officers in order to avoid violence
SocietyPoliceLaw Enforcement
I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’€™t challenge me. – washingtonpost.com Respect their authoritah – leninology.co.uk
Age discrepancy in dating – is it natural, and should things change?
What If Men Stopped Chasing Much-Younger Women? – theatlantic.com On Older Men, Younger Women, and Moralistic Claptrap – psychologytoday.com
Comparing modern society to our hunter gatherer past and attempting to understand what we can learn from it
SocietyTribal LivingAnthropology
Savaging Primitives: Why Jared Diamond’s ‘€œThe World Until Yesterday’ is Completely Wrong – thedailybeast.com Rousseau Revisited – jareddiamond.org
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