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Net Neutrality
Net neutrality debate obama astroturfing rebuttal
Motivations behind net neutrality discussions called into question
Net NeutralityPoliticsBusiness
Opinion: The Case Against Net Neutrality – The troubling truth behind these anti-net neutrality op-ed writers –
The Internet has had plenty of innovation and growth on its own over the last few decades, it doesn’t need bureaucratic intervention stifling it now. The expert on this panel has received money from ISPs in the past, and this panel looks like astroturfing from those ISPs to get support against Net Neutrality.
Tayor Swift and the Shouldn't Buy It - 	The rbutr to Taylor Swift and the Myth
Is Music Still About Selling Records?
Taylor SwiftMusicEntertainment
Taylor Swift’s New Album Is Amazing – But You Shouldn’t Buy It – Taylor Swift and the Myth of the Mean Greedy Artist –
Taylor Swift has kept her new album off Youtube and out of Spotify because she believes that people should have to pay for music, not get it for free. An artist who protects their music should not be labelled greedy or insulting. Artists rights are workers’ rights and deserve protection.
rebuttal to The “New” Klan
The “New” Klan?
Ku Klux KlanRacismSociety
The Ku Klux Klan opens its door to Jews, black people and homosexuals – You May Have Heard That the KKK Is Now Accepting Black Members. Here’s What Is Actually Happening –
The Ku Klux Klan is now looking to diversify and increase its membership to include Jews, black people, homosexuals and those of Hispanic origin with a re-branding as ‘the new Klan’. Anyone can call themselves KKK, and some of those new groups are accepting non-white members. These groups are clearly not the original white supremacist group which was disbanded over a century ago.
rebuttal to  Sam-Harris-loathe-Islam-not-Muslims
The Islam Debate Continues
Why I don’t believe people who say they loathe Islam but not Muslims | Andrew Brown | Comment is free – UK’s Guardian takes stance against freedom of speech, tolerance and liberty –
Using the statement that being against Islam is not racist because Islam is not a race is no excuse for fear or hatred. Criticism of a specific belief, ideology is not racist. To speak out against human rights violations and other aspects is not to condemn an entire race.
rebuttal to Pharmaceutical-industry-gets-high-on-fat-profits
Should We Be More Concerned About Health Or Profits?
BBC News – Pharmaceutical industry gets high on fat profits – Marketing And R&D, Again. In the Pipeline: –
When it comes to pharmaceuticals, just because you can charge a high price for something, doesn’t mean you should. Is it ethical that the largest pharmaceutical company made a 42% margin last year? The author challenges the statistics, as well as the R&D and marketing table contained in the article.
rebuttal to Mid term elections - Iowa Senator Joni Ernst makes her victory speech, West Des Moines, America
The Personal Is Political
2014 was an election of firsts for Republican women. But it wasn’t a ‘win’ for women at all – A Feminine Rebuttal to Feminist Jessica Valenti’s Article Rebuking Women for Supporting the GOP –
“Your gender doesn’t make you pro-woman, your actions do.” Women in politics
are not necessary good for women when the representative is against contraception, abortion or women in the military.
Freedom of speech and ideas are not gender specific. We all have the right to our political beliefs regardless of gender.
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