rbutr takes second runner up at SydStart’s pitching competition

SydStart Pitching TournamentA little over two weeks ago rbutr was revealed to have made it into the top 10 pitches for SydStart’s pitching tournament. We were very excited to be given the opportunity to pitch on the main stage of SydStart, Sydney’s largest and most important startup conference and expo.

That pitch took place on Tuesday the 2nd of September and I am very happy to reveal that rbutr placed 3rd overall. Out of 220 applicants, 80 semi finalists, and then 10 finalists, rbutr came in 3rd overall. An Amazing result for a startup which is nearly always met with the question “But how will that make money…?” whenever talking to people in the startup community.

First and second place were very deserving of their positions, with first being taken by Go Far, a fantastic startup which sells a small unit which connects to your car in order to monitor your fuel usage to encourage more economical fuel use and gamify your efficiency with others in the network. Read more about Go Far here. Stockspot is an online platform which helps individuals manage their own investment portfolio without all of the usual costs associated with large managed funds, while achieving similar returns. Read more about Stockspot here.

We came in third, I think, because people love the idea behind rbutr, and they really understand our vision. rbutr doesn’t have cashflow, and may not have any for a long time. We don’t have clients ready to give us money. rbutr is a vision based startup. And that vision speaks to everyone.

Misinformation hurts all of us. Errors, Lies and spin can cost money, health, livelihoods, and even lives. Finding a way to stop the spread of misinformation across the world wide web is an important task. Especially when you consider the fact that the world wide web is only going to become more and more important in everyone’s lives as we move into the future.

You can watch the pitch in the video below. The opening line (which was missed in our recording) was : “rbutr is a community driven system which gives people access to content that critically responds to whatever webpage they are currently viewing…”

There were cameras at the event, so hopefully the professional versions of all of the pitches will be released soon with the final announcement of the winners too.

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