The best of rbutr… 2 June 2014

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“One of the basic premises which lies behind the rbutr project is the belief that if you are accessing information, then you have the right to know if someone has critiqued that information”
-Shane Greenup, The Right to Know, May 27th 2014
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Is there any connection between autism and milk? PETA thinks that cutting dairy will help alleviate autism symptoms. Others disagree…
Got Autism? Learn About the Link Between Dairy Products and the Disorder – PETA: Milk Linked To Scary Autism And Vegan Is Your Only Hope –
Research has shown that autistic kids improve when put onto a dairy free diet. PETA has overstepped their use of fear by trying to use autism as a way of getting people to give up dairy products, and the studies they refer to are unspecified in the article, so we can’t even check to see if they are valid studies or not!
Eating your placenta – Does it help with post-partum health issues? What is the evidence?
Placenta in a pill – Eating Placentas: Cannibalism, Recycling, or Health Food? –
A couple from Australia’s Sunshine Coast are in business taking people’s placentas and encapsulating them so that they can be taken like medication over the following several months to help with a range of health issues, particularly depression, milk production, and energy levels. Science does not offer sufficient evidence to either support or reject placentophagia as a health practice. Nonscientific considerations will continue to determine women’s choices in this matter.
Federal employees owe back taxes…just like everyone else.
Federal employees owe $3.3B in back taxes – Federal Workers Good at Paying Taxes, USA Today Expose Conceals –
Federal employees owe back taxes, not quite as badly as non-federal employees, but nonetheless, here is how the federal agencies break down in how much tax they owe. For an article which admits that federal employees owe less tax than non-federal employees, the title and flavour of the article is clearly designed to make people think federal employees are somehow worse at paying taxes than everyone else.
Obama is pulling the troops out of Afghanistan, but are the media ignoring the fact that he put many of the troops in there?
Obama Wants At Least A Small Troop Presence In Afghanistan – Crediting Obama for Bringing Troops Home–Without Noting He Sent Them Abroad –
Obama recently went on a surprise trip to Afghanistan to meet servicemen himself. He is hoping to wind the war down by the end of the year. Several media outlets have started talking about how Obama is winding the war down and how he is pulling troops out, but no one is acknowledging that it was Obama’s policy of escalation that put most of those troops there.
What is the deal with the 97% number on climate change? Where did that consensus claim come from?
Climate ChangeEnvironmentScience
The Myth of the Climate Change ‘97%’ – The Wall Street Journal denies the 97% scientific consensus on human-caused global warming –
What is the origin of the false belief—constantly repeated—that almost all scientists agree about global warming? The study by Cook et al designates many papers as supportive of the man made global warming position even though they don’t explicitly endorse that position. The arguments made by Joseph Bast in his WSJ article could also be applied to other fields to show that there is no consensus on evolution or the heliocentric model of our solar system as virtually zero academic papers bother to explicitly state “the sun is the center of the solar system”.
Triggered by the release of Russell Crowe’s movie Noah, here is a four part discussion on the morality of the story of Noah’s ark.
ReligionNoah’s ArkChristianity
Noah: One of the Most Moral Stories Ever Told – The Way of the Mister: In Defense of Killing Babies – +2
Once people reach a certain level of widespread evil, life is pointless. Starting over again was necessary for mankind to take their place at the center of God’s creation. The story of Noah shows us that God made numerous mistakes and chose to deal with those mistakes by killing all of his victims.
The Media
How do men and women go about winning back ex lovers?
British men use flowers to win back an ex – but women prefer to use SEX – “Men: A nice gift will win her heart! (Girls: You should use sex!)” says gift website –
More than half of people in the UK have attempted to win back a former partner by buying them a gift of some sort. Three-quarters of women have ditched the idea of a gift and instead used sex in an attempt to get back with their ex partner. Ignoring the terrible gender stereotype present in this article, the piece is clearly paid for by an online gift store, and it seems like the Dailymail is even taking a percentage of sales generated through a link in the article.
Is this car really banned for being “too efficient”?
volkswagen's new efficient car
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