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If Wikipedia editors use private forums to discuss their editing, is that a bad thing?
Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia project – A discussion – Why we have a private forum. A response to Rebecca O’Neill –
+1 The Guerilla Skepticism on Wikipedia group uses a private forum to organise their Wikipedia editing activities, which are organised around skeptical activism. Both of these elements are contrary to the good will of Wikipedia. There are many reasons why a private forum might be useful for Wikipedia editors, including the ability to remain anonymous while discussing personal experiences with other editors. In general, everything done by GSoW is done with integrity, honesty and within the rules of Wikipedia.
Has NASA fiddled with historic global temperature data? Is this a scandal or just a misunderstanding of Science?
Climate ChangeEnvironmentGlobal Warming
NOAA/NASA Dramatically Altered US Temperatures After The Year 2000 – Did NASA/NOAA Dramatically Alter U.S. Temperatures After 2000? –
MOAA/NASA have drastically altered the temperatures of past years to make it look like the 2000s have been much warmer than the 1900s The data has been corrected for numerous factors which need to be corrected for. The numbers haven’t been altered randomly or without justification.
Student debt in the USA continues to grow, despite recent study claiming that it isn’t that bad…
Student DebtEconomics
The Reality of Student Debt Is Different From the Clichés – NYT on Student Loan Crisis: What Crisis Is That? –
A new study has shown that the recent perception of growing student debt is unfounded and that students maintain a proportion of debt similar to that of two decades ago. Many critics of this study have already pointed out that it paints a deceptively rosy picture. For example the study excluded graduates who moved back in with their parents, and ignores the longer time it takes students to pay off their debt.
Healthcare study ranks UK as #1 and USA as #11 out of 11. Are those results reliable, or biased?
Flawed study ranks United States as the worst health care system – Zombie arguments defending the US healthcare system
+1 The study is rigged to produce a result that favours socialized health care systems. It also ignores cancer outcomes, relies on subjective evaluations and uses the unreliable data of infant mortality. The arguments used are bad arguments, and here are some videos which explain exactly why…
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New rom-com movie portrays abortion as empowering to women…
5 reasons why abortion never empowers women – Anti-Choice Crusader Mansplains Abortion To All Of Us Silly Women –
A new rom-com is coming out and it is said to portray abortion as empowering. Abortion can’t be empowering because it takes away one of the most powerful forces in life – the ability to create new life. Matt Walshes article is just another argument reducing women to the contents and use of their uteri. Having the power to make decisions about having children or not having children is empowering.
Hypnotised singer sings during throat surgery. But perhaps neither singing nor hypnotism were required?
Patient sings through surgery to save voice – Surgery Under Hypnosis –
A professional singer was hypnotised in order to deal with the pain of throat surgery which would normally be done under general anaesthetic, in order to sing while being operated on so that the doctor could ensure he made no mistakes. The singer was given a local anaesthetic, which is often sufficient to block all pain. The singing was unnecessary too as there are other methods of checking for damage.
What’s the story behind this photo of a Ghost at a World War I grave site?
french soldier ghost from world war I
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On Thursday I was at the SydStart preliminary pitching event, where I spoke about rbutr on stage for 5 minutes in an effort to qualify to pitch in front of investors at the upcoming SydStart expo in September. The pitch went very well and actually resulted in some money being offered to us. Even though we won’t be taking the offer (the details are too complicated to go through in this email, but it was generous, just not what we need right now) this is a very encouraging result for my first public pitch and hopefully a sign of more interest from other investors when we get onto the main stage.

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