Sex, revolution and warp drive technology. It’s been a crazy week at rbutr. The best of rbutr #5

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It is always better to be unsure, than to be sure but wrong.
Why rbutr must share misinformation
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What did the Las Vegas shooters believe in? Whose revolution were they starting?
Mass ShootingPoliticsGunsDrugs
Cop-killer was a Pothead – Right-wing anger turned deadly: What Jerad Miller mess was really about –
+1 Jerard Miller, the Las Vegas cop-killer has been labelled as a tea party associated right winger. He and his girlfriend weren’t right wing, they were progressives fighting for marijuana legalisation. If there’s one thing you’d think we could all agree on, it’d be that a crazed gun nut who moved to Nevada to join the standoff at Bundy ranch and wrote screeds on the Internet blaming the government for every problem in his life could be identified as a man of the right.
Medicine’s regulatory framework to start being applied to Complementary and Alternative Medicines in South Africa
Medicines rules are insulting to consumers – CAM regulations “draconian, misleading and insulting”, says Leon Louw –
The new complementary and alternative medicines regulations for South Africa are draconian, misleading and insulting. Just because CAM’s haven’t been proven to work yet doesn’t mean they don’t. Science doesn’t prove things. Nor is it even very effective at ensuring medicines are safe. Louw gets various things wrong in his column – perhaps most fundamentally, the idea that a double-standard might be in operation. The whole point of the regulations is to bring all medicine under one regulatory framework.
Research on bike related injuries shows that people can use any research to say whatever they wanted to say anyway…
Bike RidingHealthInjury
Proportion of head injuries rises in cities with bike share programs – WaPo Is Wrong: Head Injuries Are Down, Not Up, in Bike-Share Cities –
Researchers from Washington State University and elsewhere found a 14 percent greater risk of head injuries to cyclists associated with cities that have bike share programs. Helmets have been shower to lower incidences of head injury, but most cities which have bike share programs have no plans of offering helmets. The data cited by the WaPo actually leads to the opposite conclusion: In cities with bike-share systems, head injuries and injuries of all kinds have gone down. In the cities that implemented bike-share, Teschke said, all injuries declined 28 percent, from 757 to 545. Head injuries declined 14 percent, from 319 to 273 per year.
As Measles make a comeback in the USA, should we be worried about it?
This Mama Isn’t Scared of the Shmeasle Measles – This Papa is scared of the shmeasles measles –
In developed countries, like the USA, measles is just a rash and a cough. It isn’t particularly dangerous unless you are in a third world country with inadequate cleanliness and you’re suffering from malnutrition. There have been zero cases of encephalitis or death in the USA over the last few years that this ‘epidemic’ has grown. In 2000 measles was declared non-endemic in the United States, meaning that there were no wild measles viruses floating around the USA. But now it is coming back, which is crazy because we can prevent it entirely with vaccines. It is a deadly disease with 1 in 20 children getting pneumonia and 1 or 2 in every 1,000 dying from it.
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Society, Sex and Love: Bonobos, Chimpanzees and Humans.
11 Reasons Why Bonobos Are The Sexiest Primates – Questioning the “sexy” bonobo hype –
Female Bonobos are in charge, and in their society sex is used to relax, negotiate, resolve conflicts and many other things. Violence is almost unheard of. Popular analyses of Bonobo society are superficial and lack understanding of the deeper implications. A society where sex is fleeting and used as a social tool creates a society devoid of romantic love and pair bonding.
Is progressiveness and sensitivity drowning US colleges in bureaucracy?
George Will: Colleges become the victims of progressivism – An OB/GYN writes to George Will about college rape –
Academia is learning that its attempts to create victim-free campuses — by making everyone hypersensitive, even delusional, about victimizations — brings increasing supervision by the regulatory state. What government is inflicting on colleges and universities, and what they are inflicting on themselves, diminishes their autonomy, resources, prestige and comity. There is no rape hysteria on colleges, but a very real presence of actual rape. Reporting a rape is extremely hard to do for many reasons, and there is no privilege in having been raped.
Google announces Youtube’s new music service. And people are frightened and confused…
YouTube to block indie labels who don’t sign up to new music service – Everyone Calm Down. YouTube Is NOT Going To Remove Music Videos –
Independent artists could disappear from YouTube “in a matter of days” after the Google video service confirmed it was dropping content from independent labels that have not signed up for its upcoming subscription music service. Google’s head of content and business operations, Robert Kyncl, has confirmed that YouTube will block videos from labels that do not sign licensing deals Kyncl is not quoted anywhere saying “YouTube will be blocking music videos.” Crookson said it. And everyone else repeated it. Removing all music from Youtube is a ridiculous notion and not something that would ever happen.
NASA’s Warp Drive Technology – and a wet blanket.
NASA's warp drive technology isn't going to happen
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