Nanoparticles in your food, the Turing test, a Sydney shark attack and more – The best of rbutr #4

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Nanoparticles in our food! Do we need more regulation of this new technology?
Big Dairy Is Putting Microscopic Pieces of Metal in Your Food – No, metal oxide nanoparticles in your food won’t kill you –
Materials have different attributes when they are at the nano scale. Some materials, like titanium-dioxide are now being used in food as nanoparticles to bring out stronger colours. The FDA has not yet ruled on safety guidelines for the use of nanoparticles, even though they acknowledge that they might raise safety issues. The article in Mother Jones is laced with errors and misinformation. Titanium dioxide has been used for decades as a whitener and is considered to be an inert and safe material. The 10-fold increase in ‘nanofoods’ is almost entirely Titanium dioxide use.
Can you tell the difference between computers and humans? Some of these judges couldn’t…
Turing TestPhilosophyTechnologyArtificial Intelligence
Turing test success marks milestone in computing history – No, A ‘Supercomputer’ Did NOT Pass The Turing Test For The First Time And Everyone Should Know Better –
A computer has managed to pass the famous Turing test by fooling 33% of the human judges that it was human. This chatbot didn’t pass the turing test at all – they changed the rules, they picked the judges, and the whole thing was organised by someone known to exaggerate claims to the media.
Hit Turing right in the test-ees.
Shark Attack in Sydney harbour – Real, or another viral video hoax?
GoPro: Man Fights Off Great White Shark In Sydney Harbour – Sydney’s GoPro great white shark at Manly’s Jump Rock: real or fake? –
Video footage of a man jumping into the water near Manly, Australia, only to find a great white shark swimming just below the surface. Comments on the video claim the shark teleports at 59s. Also, the video uploader has only uploaded this one video. +1
Sex, Gender, and Biology – Black, White and Grey
Laverne Cox Is Not a Woman – Tipping Point –
+1 Laverne Cox is not a woman. The term gender has been adopted precisely for its malleability of meaning because biological sex is concrete. Private life is private, but society should stop deluding itself to the facts of biology. Williamson has no credentials in this field and cites no evidence, studies, or science to back up his claims. Gender and Sex are two different things, and intersex conditions attest to the fact that sex is not a black and white chromosome determined thing.
The 97% consensus debate rages on. Exactly what level of scientific agreement is there on climate change?
Climate ChangeScienceConsensus
24 Critical Errors
in Tol (2014) –
24 errors? –
+2 A number of studies have already found a scientific consensus on climate change. Richard Tol has disputed the methods of the most recent 97% finding, and this paper lists 24 mistakes he made in his analysis. Richard Tol responds with very brief responses to each point, and indicates that more will follow shortly. +1
In Colorado, driving while stoned is a much bigger story than driving while drunk.
DrugsMarijuanaDrunk Driving
Colorado State Patrol says stoned driver crashed into 2 Patrol vehicles – Colorado’s poster boy for ‘stoned driving’ was drunk off his gourd –
An allegedly stoned driver drove into two Colorado State Patrol vehicles. Kilbey was charged with driving under the influence of drugs. “We believe marijuana,” CSP spokeswoman Cpl. Heather Cobler said. In the state where recreational pot had just become legal, Kilbey became the poster boy for the dangers of driving while stoned. All major news outlets focused on the fact that he was stoned, while none mentioned that he had a blood alcohol level of 0.268, more than 3 times the legal limit of 0.08
Does Marijuana actually impair sleep quality? New study released, and disputed.
does chronic marijuana use impair sleep quality
Pitching, Chrome Update Released and More Activity!
Thank you once again to the users who submitted the rebuttals which have made up this ‘best of rbutr’ post: CollinMaessen, MaryM, boulder, EdClint, and Brendan Schwass.

Pitching (looking for investment)

We were unfortunately not successful in our application to pitch at ‘The Big Pitch‘ happening in Melbourne next week. We always knew it was a long shot since it was an online application for a top 5 position to pitch to a VC firm. Our application, coming from a startup with zero revenue and a plan of revolutionizing the way people surf the web…all sounds pretty crazy from a distance. So yeah, I don’t blame VC’s for lacking my confidence.

I can’t wait for the day that they all look back and wish they had have backed us. 😉

However, rbutr does still need investment. We’ve managed to achieve a lot with no money and just pure determination, but with a serious investor behind us, we
will be able to take the next step and start getting some very significant results (we have a plan…). So if anyone would like to help us connect with possible
investors, we would certainly appreciate it.

Chrome Extension Update

An update for Chrome was released this last week too. It has added the ability to remove sources/rebuttals from the list while you are submitting. There was nothing more annoying that doing a mass rebuttal with 10 sources pages and a couple of rebuttals only to accidentally add a page by mistake, and have to start the whole process all over again. Never again! Now you can just quickly and easily remove the error.

We also added the requirement of at least 1 tag, because I got tired of manually editing all of the submissions which didn’t have any! Tags are useful people! They help you find relevant and related rebuttals quickly and easily! And they are important for when we get the subscription system back up and running.

And finally, we also limited rebuttals to 3 per submission. There is no limit on how many rebuttals can be added to a source page, but if you want to submit rebuttals to a page, we would rather you submitted one or two incredible rebuttals (high quality) than 50 crap ones. Quality trumps quantity every. single. time. We want quality please.

Activity Overload!

Wow, you guys have been busy!!??! We’re getting more rebuttals coming through at the moment than ever before, from more people than ever before. It is really exciting to see such a strong level of activity happening for such an extended period. We often get large spikes of activity after we get some publicity, but there has been none of that lately, so it looks like everyone is just participating that little bit more.

So, great work! Keep it up! Keep submitting! One day we will all collectively get on top of it all, and every single rebuttal on the internet will be connected to the pages it rebuts the moment it is published…. and no one will ever have trouble finding it when they most need it.

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