Web Of Trust, Developing Partnerships and Other Progress

Web Of Trust LogoCraig and I had a great conversation yesterday afternoon with the new CEO of Web of Trust to discuss potential partnerships between our two businesses.

From our perspective, and from the several chats we’ve had with them now, WOT seems to agree, WOT and rbutr provide a brilliant complimentarity to one another. WOT is a ratings service; they judge the trustworthiness of domains and basically give people a green ‘go ahead’, or a red ‘warning’, or an orange ‘be careful’. WOT is general and judging. rbutr on the other hand passes no judgement at all, and works on the page level, rather than on the domain level. rbutr is specific and non-judging.

When you combine our two services you end up with the full package of protected and informed browsing. You get immediate assessment of risk and trustworthiness of the domain you are viewing, and you can get the internet-wide context of whatever article you happen to be on, thus ensuring you read that article in a well informed manner.

So with that in mind we talked with Juha-Pekka yesterday about whether there was any scope for possibly integrating rbutr functionality into the WOT plugin. To cut straight to the chase, there is scope for it, but it isn’t about to happen any time soon. Integrating rbutr into WOT is of course a big deal and not something that can easily be done. But the idea isn’t off the table…

So in the meantime we’ve proposed to incorporate WOT “details and comments” pages from red rated domains as rebuttals to those domain addresses. This is an appropriate use of rbutr as a page which indicates the domain is untrustworthy and then provides a list of comments critiqueing that domain is a very relevant response which users should be aware of. It is just the idea of manually submitting all of those pages which is overwhelming – so if we can automatically pull it into our system, then we can get a much better coverage of general rebuttals (for many root domain addresses), and help bring people to WOT who may not have heard of them before. JP agreed to this idea, and so we should be able to make that happen sometime in the near future.

In the meantime, what would be fantastic to see from our users would be some discussion on social media about how rbutr is a great complement to WOT whenever someone mentions WOT. WOT has several million users – we have 10,000. (they also have at least 6 years on us!) We believe that rbutr and WOT make a great pair, and that anyone who has installed WOT would probably love rbutr too – so we need to reach those users and let them know that rbutr exists.

So here are a few ideas.

  • Send out tweets about how you love using WOT and rbutr. Make sure you mention @web_of_trust and @rbutrcom in it.
  • Whenever you see someone mentioning WOT on social media, make sure they know about rbutr too.
  • Consider perhaps adding a review to the WOT entry in the Google Chrome webstore and the Firefox Addons marketplace, and perhaps mention rbutr in that review?

Can you think of other ways of introducing WOT users to rbutr?

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