The Right to Know…

One of the basic premises which lies behind the rbutr project is the belief that if you are accessing information, then you have the right to know if someone has critiqued that information. If someone else has taken the time to respond, criticise or argue against the content you are accessing, then that response is potentially incredibly important to what you have just read, watched or heard. You have the right to know about it.

Our vision for rbutr is one where the entire internet provides this power. The power to always be able to access the critiques, the responses and the counter arguments to any claim, belief, ideology or entity. Hopefully, we can even make it easy to access the best response. The most compelling. The most poignant.  The most appropriate.

My personal belief is that if everyone always had access to the most compelling counter argument to whatever information they are accessing, then we would see amazing social and political progress over the course of the next generation. As powerful again as we have already started seeing with the invention of the internet, because now we are not only giving people access to information (which is incredibly important), but we are ensuring the information is of high quality, accurate, and relevant.

Help us bring about this revolution.

Our future will learn most of everything they believe through the internet

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