rbutr’s Purpose, and Communicating That to a Wider Audience.

Language and marketing drives me crazy.

I speak to one person (someone providing feedback and advice) and they criticise the language I use and make some suggestions and improvements. I think about it for a while, come up with something which I really like which works with that advice, take it to our community, and no one likes it. Everyone is critical.

It happens all the time.

Of course I know you can’t please everyone…but I don’t feel like I can ever find any phrase or words which even please a few…Particularly when you are trying to find words which convey meaning as well as positive emotional reactions.

Pitching to Investors

So I have started to work on pitching rbutr to investors to help us get out of the bootstrapping phase and start growing much faster. But pitching to investors means I need to be able to communicate the idea and purpose of rbutr immediately without ostracising them or making them uncomfortable. Words like rebuttal are confrontational and not very natural. No one uses the word rebuttal in day to day life.

This information is hard for me to work with because my brain is a very literal brain, and I love to explain things like an engineer. I want to say “rbutr connects rebuttals to the pages they rebut” – because that is the most simple analysis of what the rbutr system and community does.

The Golden Circle – Why? How? What?

But then another friend reminded me of this great talk by Simon Sinek, and how people don’t care ‘What’ you do, they care about ‘Why’ you do it.

So I thought about that a bit, and finally hit about a phrase which I though captured very effectively why I care so much about this project. I care about the truth. I really do. And I think the only way we can even come close to discovering the truth is through genuine engagement with evidence and arguments and repeated applications of critical reflection. And this is ‘How’ rbutr works. It provides the framework for people to go through this process, bringing them closer to the truth. ‘What’ we do is develop software to enable interaction in this process.

So I came up with that line as a possible new byline : We care about the truth.

Unfortunately, no one on our facebook page liked it. Everyone was against it. *sigh*

It perfectly sums up why rbutr is here. It is the entire reason for our existence. I care that so many people on the planet are basing their lives and their decisions on beliefs which are not based in reality. I can’t say which ones are and aren’t true, but I know they all conflict with one another, so at least most of them aren’t true. If we can just get people to start agreeing (of their own freewill) on what is and isn’t true, then we can start solving real world problems.

Imagine how much time we could save if everyone agreed that climate change was man made (or not). Imagine if everyone agreed on the best approach to solving poverty, on how to reduce crime, or on which philosophy or religion was the most reasonable one.

I’m not crazy, I don’t expect everyone to suddenly agree – but if we can incrementally bring the population of the world closer together in agreement, then we can make a real difference. And the closer we get that agreement to reality, the better the outcome of that agreement.

This vision is what drives me. I think rbutr will fix more problems on the planet than any other piece of technology ever invented. (accepting that rbutr only works because of all of the technologies which come before it which enable it to exist at all. “On the backs of giants.”)

  • We care about the truth.
  • Think Again.
  • rbutr is a community which gets the truth out of the internet.
  • rbutr tells you when the webpage you are viewing has been disputed, rebutted or contradicted elsewhere on the internet.

Which phrase motivates you the most to tell other people about rbutr? What makes you care about what we do? Why are you even here, reading this?

Let us know, because we need you and people like you to make this work.

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