rbutr in the Knight News Challenge Again!

Two years ago, very shortly after rbutr was launched, we stumbled upon and entered the Knight News Challenge. The competition was for a grant from the Knight Foundation, a share of $2.5 million. There were over 1,000 applicants and still, rbutr, despite being so incredibly new and beta, made it in to the top 50.

Knight news challenge logo

The News Challenge has just been launched again for 2014 and we’ve submitted our new application. Thanks to amazing community support we have already taken the lead in all three metrics of ‘views’ ‘comments’ and ‘applause’ – the competition isn’t determined on any of these metrics, but I would imagine the selection committee must notice which entries attract the most community support, so thank you all for you fantastic support.

We were the 54th entry. With one week left, I imagine many more will be coming in over the last few days, no doubt taking the final count well in to the hundreds. Hopefully we can keep our lead in the popularity stakes, and hopefully the judges will see how perfectly rbutr fulfills all of the criteria they have outlined in their News Challenge Brief!

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