After You Submit a Rebuttal, Try Letting the Author(s) Know

We have known for a long time that getting rebuttal authors and debunkers on board with rbutr is an important way forward for the rbutr project. The faster we can get rebuttals into rbutr, the better chance we have of stopping the spread of misinformation. Therefore, having the authors submit their work as soon as it is written is by far the best possible arrangement.

The problem has always been reaching the authors and letting them know that 1. rbutr exists, and 2. rbutr can help drive traffic to their articles.

This is where you can come in. If you submit a rebuttal, consider identifying who the author(s) involved are, and see if you can find their contact details – either in email, or on twitter – and just send them an extremely short message saying  something along the lines of:

Hey, I just submitted your article <link> to rbutr so that people who visit the page(s) you argued against <link(s)> will be told about your article. You can see the rbutr concept in action here <rbutr framed version of the rebutted page>. Thanks!

A simple message like that in an email, or a short tweet with the rbutr framed content sent to the author of a rebuttal might help get them on board and submitting their own content! And if we’re really lucky, they might even write about us…

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