rbutr Available on Opera (mostly)

opera logo for rbutrIf you use Opera you can also install rbutr – it is just a matter of changing the Chrome file extension from .crx to .nex than installing in to Opera by dragging the file in to the extensions window.

However, we haven’t tested this extensively yet so we can’t guarantee it won’t be bug free. If you choose to use Opera, and you want to use rbutr with Opera, then please let us know if you find any bugs. Thanks!

How to Install rbutr in Opera – Method 1

  • Download this file: http://rbutr.com/plugins/rbutr.nex (available on the homepage too)
  • Go to your Extensions window in Opera (opera://extensions) and drag the file to that window. Click install. Then click Install again.
  • rbutr should work just the same as it does in Chrome. Make sure you log in too!

How to Install rbutr in Opera – Method 2

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