Any Designers Want to Help Design a Killer Flyer for rbutr?

I will be shortly posting some flyers around Sydney universities for the start of the new year  because I of course think that rbutr will be very helpful for the students. In order to do this though, I will need some flyers.

I have had a quick go at designing some myself, but as you will see below, I am definitely no designer. So I have decided that if any of you want to have a go at designing a killer flyer for us – something which would catch the eye of a passerby and convince them to take a tab and then remember to install the plugin on their computer – then please create it and send it in to me (shane at rbutr), and if your flyer ends up being the one we decide to use, we will send you a prize in the mail! (probably a rbutr Tshirt, and hopefully a book or two as well)

This is what my two designs look like (one for universities, the other is for community message boards)

rbutr flyers with rip off pull tabs

And here are the links to the two original word documents that in case you wanted them for some reason. When we settle on the final designs, I will repost them and invite you all to post flyers at your own Universities and community boards, but for now, lets see if we can improve this design!

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