Australian National Skeptic Conference Completed!

I have just arrived home from a fantastic weekend in the Australian Capital Territory, where the Australian National Skeptics Conference was just held in the fantastic venue, the CSIRO Discovery Centre.

I had a great weekend, met some amazing people and am really pumped about getting some groundswell support behind rbutr in Australia over the next few months. I got to meet and talk with Paul Willis from the Royal Institution of Australia about working together to get rbutr in front of  more people, while Richard Saunders from the SkepticZone podcast (among many other things) is also helping us connect with more supporters and allies.

There is actually a lot more than that, but I will publish it as it happens!

In the meantime, I should be posting my Ignite talk very soon (I  messed it up! 🙁 ) and hopefully we will move servers soon  so that we can finally release our Firefox plugin! All of that, and I will be spending most of this week in Melbourne at the Creative Innovation  Conference!



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