Donate Button Now Available

People have been asking us whether they can donate to rbutr ever since we started working on it – and the whole time the answer has been no. We hadn’t set anything up, and didn’t think there would be enough interest in donating to rbutr to take the time to set something up. But several people at the recent European Skeptical Congress asked if they could donate and I realised that setting up a Donate button in Paypal is actually really simple – so I have finally done it.

Oh, and Bitcoin is awesome too. Feel free to send some of that our way if you like what we’re doing: 1LWyhbAWLiHvQZYHrYZiSh8W5fTSBpi6YF

bitcoin QR code for rbutr donations

What Will The Money Be Used For?

Our server costs right now are very low – but we are about to expand rapidly as we start integrating with a few very large websites. This will put a heavy demand on our server as every one of their visitors will be querying our server too. And with the extra exposure we will expect to see a lot more installs and users joining us. So this will drive up server costs for us.

For the most part though, our biggest expense is actually my activity as spokesman for rbutr. My travelling to conferences in the USA, Europe and Australia have been by far our largest expense. And so far I have had to cover all of those costs myself.

Have these conferences been worth it? Absolutely. They have been pivotal to getting rbutr in front of people who can make a huge difference. Organisations with thousands to millions of followers.

It is important to understand that rbutr has a real sales problem. Most people don’t know they need it. Most people in fact will deny that it has any use for them. They think their opinions and beliefs are already well informed, and perfectly correct. They don’t need to be warned about scams – they would never fall for one. It is always ‘someone else’ who would benefit from rbutr…. I think rbutr is a perfect example of Atul Gawande’s Slow Idea concept.

But when successful, rbutr is going to be one of the most important technological innovations on the internet in our lifetime. We just have to overcome the natural resistance to the ‘health food’ problem it has. And to get there, we need to keep leveraging off well established respectable leaders of innovation and thought. Conferences and face to face meetings have proven to be without doubt the most effective means of making this happen.

So yes, flights and accommodation are likely to continue to be one of rbutr’s ongoing expenses over the coming months and years.

And of course, depending on how much money there is, and how growth progresses, the money may also be used to hire freelancers or staff for design, programming, legal assistance and all of the usual things startups need done for them. There is a lot….

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