Wooaahhh… Long time, no update.

Thanks to the recent month spent travelling through the USA attending conferences, visiting national parks and presenting rbutr to crowds of people, I really haven’t provided any updates for a while, and a lot has been happening.

Major Plugin Update

First of all, because of my workshop at TAM2013, we rushed out a major plugin update we had been working on for a while, and managed to take it live in the week or so before I flew to the USA. We then wanted to test it for a little while before I announced it (as is our usual style), but because I flew to the USA so soon after releasing it and lost all sense of regularity, I completely forgot to ‘announce it’. Of course, everyone using the plugin would have noticed the major changes; the look is different, and you can now submit multiple sources and multiple rebuttals on a single submission (making it possible to submit tens or hundreds of rebuttal connections in one click…).

So tada! There has been a major plugin update completed! (almost two months ago!)

Attending the European Skeptic Congress

I am about to fly to Sweden for the European Skeptic Congress. I will be on a panel about Skepticism and the Media. Very much looking forward to it, and can’t wait to meet some European skeptics finally!

USA Trip

I have also been writing a long series of posts about what happened with the USA trip. It was taking too long though, so I have decided to only write one more post which just covers the highlights of the rest of the trip. I am not a fast enough writer unfortunately and I have more important things to do than recount travel stories. So that final post will come out after I return from Sweden.

In the meantime I just wanted to say that because of that trip we have organised to integrate rbutr functionality directly in to the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science website, and that we have gained an additional volunteer (Thank you Harry!) to help us expand development of rbutr in to multiple browsers! The RDFRS integration will happen some time in the near future; no definite timeline at this point, but development is already underway.

We have also started talks with The Climate Reality Project and are looking to integrate rbutr in to their gamification of ‘fighting denial’ on RealityDrop.org. More to follow when we have something to announce!

Also Coming Soon: Forum Website Integration..?

We’re now talking with PhysicsForums.com about how we might be able to integrate rbutr directly with their forum. Hopefully we find a perfect fit which adds value and functionality to their forum which their users love, and which helps bring more activity in to rbutr. If this goes well, there might be scope for building specific forum-plugins which other forum owners can install straight from their forum dashboard.

PhysicsForums was the first forum I ever heavily participated in myself, and it taught me a lot about science, biology, philosophy and being wrong. The very existence of rbutr could in fact be traced back to my experiences spending many hours debating with faceless strangers on PhysicsForums instead of doing my university studies… It was there that I really learned the power of having your beliefs challenged, and having someone present a well structured well argued counter-position to help you correct a false belief.

I hope rbutr will bring that experience to many more people over the years to come…

Discovering you are wrong is not a bad thing. It is progress. It is learning. It is improvement.


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