Some New Art for rbutr

rbutr think again stephen hawking quote ignorance vs illusion of knowledge black speech bubbles

As you may be able to see, we have just had some awesome art done for the rbutr promotional material. A friend introduced me to Rhian, the designer of these images, and he has been so easy to work with, so perfectly on the ball with regards to understanding out needs and vision, and just so perfect with the final product, that I have to recommend him as highly as I can to anyone else looking for design work.

The above image was an extra design I added for the purpose of getting listed in the Skeptics on the Net Resources list here. All of the other images below are specifically for the Chrome Web Store, so don’t have any text on them by design, as the web store pops up a little text description on hover.

1400x560 rbutr think again silver speech bubbles with rbutr logo in red and blue

This image is the 1400×560 marquee image which will hopefully appear right at the top of the page in the Chrome Web Store (CWS).  The two images below are the 440×280 and the 920×680 images, which are the 3 sizes Google requests for promotional images in the web store. Now that we have sexy sexy images, it increases our chances of being featured. Hopefully our continually growing userbase, high ratings and growing number of comments will also help our chances.

To that ends, if you haven’t rated or commented on rbutr in the CWS, maybe you could do that quickly now? View rbutr in the web store, and vote and comment.

440x280 rbutr think again black speech bubbles with rbutr logo in red and blue
920x680 rbutr think again black speech bubbles with rbutr logo in red and blue

I’m really only making this post to show off the designs. You can’t actually see them in the CWS unless they are being featured, and I have no idea when that will happen. So you have to see them here!


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