The rbutr Twitter-Reply Widget Is Now Twice as Awesome!

Twitter bird cloudSignificant upgrades have been released for our twitter-reply widget. You need to check it out.

Upgrades include:

  1. Tweets sorted by reach
  2. Tweets already replied to are removed from the list
  3. The reply tweet is constructed to fit the character limit AND include as many retweeters as possible, for maximum reach

These changes are really quite powerful. On top of all of the power the widget has always had to reach people sharing the rebutted page, hopefully saving people from falling for bad information, the new changes mean you can immediately focus your efforts on the tweets with the biggest impact, and not risk annoying people by tweeting the same thing at them as 2 or 3 other people already have.

(Note: We did actually release these changes a couple of weeks ago now, we just delayed the release of this blog post)

What Sort of Impact?

As an example of exactly how powerful these changes can be, we had a new user just submit her first ever rebuttal, and send just two reply-tweets. One of those reply-tweets was retweeted by someone with 112,000 followers.

Think about the impact of that. Up to 112,000 people who:

  1. May have seen the original tweet linking to the rebutted page. Some were perhaps persuaded by it.
  2. May now see the errors in the original article, and disregard it. Potentially sharing it when others share the rebutted article.
  3. Have been directed to another good website with good reliable correcting information on it
  4. Have been directed to rbutr, potentially bringing in more users who see the power of rbutr to help build our map of the internet
  5. Have been exposed to our tweeters twitter account, potentially following them for more informative posts.

This is what the twitter reply widget is all about. Taking our small active community of true supporters, and leveraging everything you all do, and making a huge impact. rbutr is still young. We are still small, but we can tap in to existing communities and reach out much further.

Slowly we will grow, and slowly we will make the internet a better place.

And slowly, people will stop being able to simply accept things they read on the internet… they will have to consider the rebuttals first..

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Please feel free to ask questions and make suggestions in the comments below.

What does ‘Reach’ Mean?

Already, during the testing phase one user asked what the ‘Reach‘ (actually ‘score’ at the time, which was less clear in meaning) field meant. At this point in time it is very simply the total number of followers of the original tweet, plus the number of followers of the retweeters which can be fit into the reply-tweet.

We created the reach field to give us the ability to better capture the full impact of a tweet, rather than just the number of followers of the original tweeter. For example, someone with 100 followers might be retweeted by someone with 2 million followers. That tweet might have a huge impact if the retweeter also retweets our link, even though the originator only had 100 followers. Ultimately, the real objective of all of these replies is to get people who have shared the rebutted link, to also share the rebuttal link, thus allowing their followers to see the discussion taking place.

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