the internet now has a kind minnesota – Think Again’s Automatic Captions

I just had a look at rbutr’s promotional video’s automatic captions on Youtube. I thought they were worth a blog post….

Have you noticed on the internet how
people can say is just about anything

and people will believe them?

Women be great if you can get the tears
the whole truth from anywhere pinch her

brother is going to change the way we use
the internet.

simply download mother then let’s say
you read an article manure like

hang on a minute blueberries are evil

no need to wonder because you can see
here about our has no words telling you

that someone out there is made a
counter argument or a bottle to that

point so now you can read both sides and
judge for yourself which store you

believe perhaps if there is no rebuttal
you can add your own one just to show

those poor misguided falls our there how
wrong they are

the internet now has a kind



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