Our First Rebuttal to Reach 100 Rebuttings!

100 pages rebutted by a single rebuttal. A small milestone, but an important point of demonstration for the power of rbutr – now can the rebutted side reply? Can they undo all of the work with one well placed argument?

View the 100 sources to 1 rebuttal page

Thanks to the tireless work of one of our most active users, we have just had our first rebuttal reach a count of 100 pages rebutted. That means there are 100 different pages on the web which will trigger a rebuttal alert when you visit them just for this one rebuttal alone.

This is a great example of one of the ways which rbutr can be used to focus a discussion down to a single argument or focal point. While so many different people on so many different websites, in so many different mediums are all making the same basic claim, it just takes one rebuttal to rebut every single one of them.

But in turn, it also takes just one counter-rebuttal to undo the original rebuttal…

This is what rbutr is all about – engaging people in open discourse. Debate. In a timely, thought out, systematic manner. Unlike the traditional live debate format, where arguments can be ignored, and emotions are allowed to rule rather than facts

So I have actually attempted to contact people within the community which has been the target of this rebuttal and invite them to respond to it. There is still no response so far, but I continue to encourage it.

rbutr will not censor anything, and I personally encourage our users who may disagree with the counter-rebuttal to come to not downvote it simply because you disagree with it – downvotes really should be used only to remove spam and non-rebuttal posts (this is another small fix we need to get done…)

So, the rebuttal in question can be seen here:

And I sincerely invite anyone and everyone to submit rebuttals to that page. If it is wrong, then show it as such.

And let the debate begin….



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