Hypothes.is Presentation

Hypothes.is have recently released this presentation they gave at a the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) conference:

It is interesting for me to watch Hypothes.is progress while we develop rbutr alongside them. While many people will compare rbutr to Hypothes.is and other annotation services, watching videos like this really helps to show just how different our two projects are. Hypothes.is and rbutr are on two very different paths. With different methods, different techniques, and different mindsets. Even if our ultimate goals are mostly the same – help internet users to get fully informed.

Hypothes.is have a lot more funding than we do and a much bigger team and pool of resources in general. But their goals are also much much more complex than ours. rbutr is really, incredibly simple in its implementation. But when you watch this video, it is clear that there is nothing simple about the implementation of Hypothes.is. I do not envy their position!

My hope is that in the near future we will be able to share each others data, and have rbutr providing an option to present Hypothes.is annotations, and similarly, Hypothes.is will provide an option to display rbutr’s rebuttal links. This seems to me to be an effective way to amplify our own efforts, and work together to achieve our mutual ultimate goals, despite our vastly different approaches.

I haven’t actually talked to Dan Whaley or anyone else at Hypothes.is about this yet – it was just an idea we had while talking to a number of other smaller project operators in the same sort of space, and one which I imagine Hypothes.is would be quite onboard with, given its open source non-for-profit approach and mentality. We’ve still got a long way to go before we can even start thinking about developing cross-platform information display!

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