An Update On Expanding rbutr to Firefox and Other Browsers

Update: rbutr is now available on Firefox. And Opera.

I received an impassioned plea from a user the other day to expand to Safari. I completely understand the frustration at not being able to use an app you love because it doesn’t work in your browser of choice, and you don’t want to change browsers. Both Craig and I understand it. And expanding rbutr to Firefox, Safari, IE and Opera are all jobs we are really keen to get done. We want everyone to be able to use rbutr, no matter what browser they choose to use.

Our reasons for not doing so yet remain the same – we can’t expand before we get settled in to a functional plugin which everyone is happy with. If we expand to quickly, we will multiply our developmental workload, which based on our rate of progress so far is not something anyone wants!

The good news though, is that we are currently implementing a major overhaul of the plugin which makes some much needed improvements.

First of all, we are making the plugin work whether you are logged in or not. At this stage that just means you will get the usual rebuttal alerts, but won’t be able to request or submit rebuttals. I personally would like to offer anonymous usage, but that would require some backend work to change the way it all works, and it just isn’t a high priority at this stage. So the stop gap until we implement complete anonymous usage is to allow non-registered users to at least see the rebuttals – which is afterall, what we are here to do. Our job is not to make people register. It is to map rebuttals, and show those rebuttals to people.

Secondly, we will make it possible to submit multiple source pages AND multiple rebuttal pages at a time. You will literally be able to say, for example, “These 3 pages all rebut these 2 pages”, and hit submit, and end up with 6 rebuttal linkages submitted at once. This will save a lot of time for our power users who occasionally come across these situations, and get bored submitting the same thing over and over again. Here’s to the end of the hall of mirrors problem with the internet!

Finally, we will be improving the layout and usability of the plugin. Simple stuff really, but always important.

As soon as we have got this completed (soon hopefully!) we will test it. We will release it (and let you test it!) and if it holds up for a while, then we can start creating a Firefox version of it.

So there. We have a developmental timeline of sorts. I can’t put an actual timeframe on it because dev always takes longer than I expect and hope. So you’ll just find out when it is done! It is the best I can offer!


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