Twitter Reply Widget is Live!

This is probably my favourite tool we have developed for rbutr so far – this widget takes rbutr from just being a revolutionary idea, to being a revolutionary idea which can also get you more twitter followers!

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Seriously though, while rbutr is a young and growing community, tools like this are incredibly important and valuable for multiplying our efforts. Now, when you add a rebuttal, you aren’t just reaching current rbutr users, you are also able to reach twitter users who have been persuaded by the rebutted page to share the information….

So What Is It? How Does It Work?

Every ‘Link Page’ on the rbutr website now has a Twitter feed in the lower left hand corner which shows up to 15 recent tweets which share the rebutted page. Next to each tweet is a ‘Reply’ button which automatically generates a “There is a rebuttal to this article here…” tweet which you can send to those people.

Recent Tweets about this rebutted article

Click on Reply, and you will get:

Auto-Generated Reply Tweet to Rebutted page

Which you are of course free to edit as needed. If there are multiple @usernames in the tweet (it automatically adds everyone the original tweet included) it may go over Tweet size, so you may need to remove some people, or cut the tweet down somehow. I have had continuously positive reactions to this tweet so far though, so I suggest not changing it too much.

Get More Twitter Followers

The really surprising positive outcome of using this feature, is that you will get more followers, more retweets and more interaction on your Twitter account than ever before. I’ve found that by simply using this app, you are communicating directly with people who have already demonstrated an interest in the subject matter, and are showing them more information. Most people seem very responsive to this. And when some of those people have tens of thousands of followers, getting a retweet or two from them can really help boost your followership, since you will be the person delivering new, interesting and relevant information to their feed.

It is incredibly powerful for building your twitter following.

See Also: The rbutr Twitter-Reply Widget Is Now Twice as Awesome!

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