Read Rebuttals, Get Kittens.

Yep, its true. And scientific too! (somewhat…)

Prompted by scientific research, we have added a new feature which is of crucial importance to the success of rbutr: Pictures of cute baby animals.

Now, whenever you click to visit a rebuttal, you will be shown a random picture of a cute baby animal, like these:

RedPandaBaby Giraffe before your rebuttalA cute baby loris before your rebuttal A cute baby sloth before your rebuttal


The page itself is still very rough and I would like to improve it, but the basic idea is there. Now, no matter how angry you get when you read a claim article, you have to drop it all and approach the rebuttal with a clear mind!

So enjoy our new cute pictures, and share them with your friends by introducing your friends to rbutr!

Click here to see a random picture now!


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