New rbutr Website and Video is now Live!

Last Wednesday we sneakily launched the new version of the website which has been under construction for the last few months. Everything seems to be working, so it is time to start filling you in on all of the changes…


Probably one of the most exciting things about the new website is that we finally got to reveal our new promotional video. It was scripted and created made by and they have done an amazing job of conveying the idea of rbutr in such a short time frame. rbutr can be amazingly difficult to explain to people so that they have any idea what it is that we are really trying to do, and Piehole did an amazing job helping us create this video. So a BIG thank you to the team down in Santiago, Chile!

The video is designed to be a first contact video to help people understand what we are trying to achieve, while keeping every thing pretty lighthearted. Hopefully we have succeeded. 🙂

Help Us Reach More People WITH The Video

Some time in the near future we will be posting the video to Reddit in the Video subreddit. This subreddit is huge and typically anything posted there will sink pretty quickly unless it is immediately hilarious/cute, or it gets a bit of help. When we post, your help and support in the form of upvotes could make the difference between 100 people and 1,000,000 people finding out about rbutr. If you think rbutr is a great idea, then we need your support – because the idea itself is useless without lots and lots of people using it!

So if you want to help out, Like our Facebook page, follow @rbutrcom on Twitter and subscribe to this blog and when we post the video to Reddit, we will be sure to let you all know.

Also, of course, please feel free to share the video yourself, with your friends on facebook, on Twitter, or on your blogs. Just copy and paste the following link:

Website Improvements

Also, as stated above, we have had a complete redesign of our website done. I know it seems like there are other basic things which everyone really wants us to do, like expand in to Firefox, but this website upgrade was important because as much as people want a Firefox plugin, at the end of the day we still need to figure out how to give you all something for your time. Otherwise we risk developing a Firefox version of the a plugin which no one is going to use! So we need to make sure we have something here which people actually want to spend their time using – and this website redesign was all about focusing on the value our community will be able to take from rbutr – specifically at this point in time, in the form of a decent Rebuttal Feed and Requested Rebuttals feed.

It is our hope that with these two feeds presented cleanly, and organised well, rbutr will become a useful website on its own without people needing to use the plugin – providing a truly unique news-feed for the stories which have attracted the most active inter-website debate over the last few days, or weeks. So rather than being about ‘pages’, we are about the most interesting ‘page-to-page interactions’. I believe it is a unique thing to track, and hopefully many of you will find the information coming through the ‘Browse Rebuttals’ page to be quite interesting and useful. Particularly as we branch out in to a wider range of subjects, and gain significantly more users.

Also worth noting just quickly about the Rebuttal Feed page, is that you can now vote on the rebuttals directly on the feed page. Voting influences which claim-rebuttal-pairs are closer to the top on the Trending method of sorting, so please, remember to vote up the best rebuttals, and only vote down the rebuttals which aren’t really rebuttals at all!

Meanwhile, the ‘Requested Rebuttals Feed’ is a page which we hope to continue to tweak and work on in an effort to turn it in to a useful resource for interested people to identify pages which people really want to see rebuttals for. This could be useful to bloggers looking for content to write about which there is a guaranteed audience to. And of course, it is a useful tool for anyone with a strong interest in ensuring people are well informed about a subject which they are passionate about – perhaps trying to bring about social reform, positive change, or fight against the tides of change which threaten a way of life they want to defend. The requested rebuttal feed is a resource for pro-active people trying to do good in the world. Whatever your activism may be….

So anyway, the point of these two pages, is that rbutr now has a decent (improvable) output generated from each rebuttal you submit. Something which anyone can access (regardless of browser) and hopefully find some real value in, and keep coming back to use. With that in place, we can now start experimenting with optimising that, as well as optimising the plugin itself, and we can expand to Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and eventually Opera!

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