New Context Menu Function for rbutr

The last update included a small plugin update which allows you to right click on a link and select “Submit as rebutted by current page”

rbutr context menu right click function

In the example pictured, I have right-clicked on ‘Browse’ in the menu on the rbutr homepage. By choosing the ‘Submit as rebutted by current page’ option I would be indicating that the Browse page (linked to by the Browse link) is rebutted by the home page (the current page). Therefore, when I open the plugin popup, you see those two pages already entered in to those two fields:

rbutr context menu right click function 2

So as you can see, the browse page would be the source page, while the home page ( would be the rebuttal page. Obviously this isn’t a real rebuttal, but rebuttals linking to the pages they rebut is common, like, for example, all of the rebuttals in this series of exchanges.


So that is all it does at this point; autocomplete the two URL fields for you, though we will add more features to this later.  Potentially we will include the ability to include highlighted text as the comment, and automatically take you to a submission page in a new tab rather than requiring you to click on the plugin yourself – so that the whole process can be completed with just 3 clicks; right click, select submit from context menu, click on ‘Submit’ button on the form. But for this three click operation to work, we still need to remove the comments and tag requirements we currently have on submission – which is one of our next jobs.

Anyway, that is how the right click submission process works at this stage – it is simple and it shaves seconds off the process of submitting rebuttals. Maybe not important for people who rarely submit, but for our power users who are adding many rebuttals all the time, this could become a very useful feature. And there is more good news coming for those power users too!

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