More People Browsing, Voting and Submitting Rebuttals Than Ever Before

High Five batman superman

With just over two weeks since we launched the new website design, I am happy to report that things are looking really good. It sure seems like more people are browsing the rebuttals, voting on more of them, and submitting more than ever. Our sorting algorithm for the browse page seems to be working pretty well, keeping fresh and interesting rebuttals at the top of the list.

It is really exciting to see a list of different users submitting each of the rebuttals on that page, every time I look at it.

For example, right now our top rebuttals in order of display on our browse rebuttals feed were submitted by Shane, krelnik, pjvanerp, amedina, SkepTeach,  TheGrum and GrahamC – It is quite remarkable that we have such a good mix at the top of the list, because it is quite reasonable for someone to submit several rebuttals at once, since you often find a rebuttal to multiple pages.

My point is that we aren’t made up of just one or two power users doing everything. No doubt we have a few really hard working users who keep adding rebuttals all the time – and we love you guys! – but rbutr really is growing in to a incredibly strong community of switched on, active, caring people.

So thank you all. Keep up the great work!



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