Think Again – rbutr and bursting confirmation bias bubbles talk at a Sydney Atheist meetup.

I have been trying to communicate my vision for rbutr ever since we started working on it – just with differing levels of success. I am definitely making progress in my ability to communicate it, and this talk is my first real presentation where I have tried to communicate the whole vision. It was a small audience, and there was a lot of back and forth with the crowd, so that really helped me understand what people do and do not understand. I will be giving another talk in April for the Sydney Skeptics in the Pub – that one should be much more refined than this one, hopefully shorter, and much more effective again.

That said, I was very very happy with how this talk went, and if you really want to understand what rbutr is and why we are working on it, then this video is a great one to watch.

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