Back to Work – and a Past TAM video!

So I am finally back at home in Australia with Craig, and we are settled down for two months of solid work while we are together – so get ready for some long awaited major upgrades. They will start coming thick and fast really soon!

Meanwhile, I am also preparing for some upcoming talks I will be giving – follow @rbutrcom on twitter, or like our Facebook page to get information about them. Basically they will be in Sydney for the next two months, then I will be in the USA from July for TAM2013 (with a couple of months in SE Asia in between). If anyone knows any events, organisations or meetups which might appreciate a talk about rbutr, information discovery, argumentation, confirmation bias, semantic web, social media and/or topics around that area, let me know via twitter or facebook.

And now, in the spirit of the up and coming TAM2013 meeting, here is a fun Q&A with Matt Stone and Trey Parker at Tam5, 2007…

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