General Update

Things might look a little quiet around here lately, but that is because everything is happening behind the scenes at the moment! We’re in the final stages of developing a new animated video which briefly explains what rbutr is, to be placed on our homepage and used for marketing rbutr to the world. We are also finalising a complete website redevelopment which focuses on the rebuttal and requested rebuttal feeds, making the website itself more useful, interactive and rewarding.

These will be launched when they are ready – though in the meantime we have just added facebook and Google+ share buttons to each link page, so you can share any rebuttals you add or discover.

I have been attending Skeptics in the Pub meetups in London lately, getting to know some of the local London skeptics, and am about to fly back to Australia to attend and present at the Australian Skeptics National Convention. Very much looking forward to that.

So there is a lot happening, just not as much happening externally. We are in the calm before the storm….

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