Token Skeptic Podcast Interview now out

Kylie Sturgess spent some time with me over Skype a short while ago for her podcast Token Skeptic. The interview  just came out the other day. An edited version of the interview also came out on the UK based ‘The Pod Delusion’ podcast back at the end of September. I’m really happy with the way it all went, and Kylie asked great questions. I personally prefer the edited version which she did for the Pod Delusion, simply because I think I rambled on way too much in the unedited version. 🙂 Clearly I need to practice my interviewing techniques – I will obviously never be a good politician, since I can’t stick to the talking points!

But in spite of my own tangential rambles, Kylie asked great questions, and really got to the heart of rbutr and has been great helping us get in front of more people who are likely to come in and fall in love with what we are trying to achieve – and at this stage, that is all that we want.

So thanks to everyone who has been coming on board lately and giving things a go. A little update for everyone; we have website developments under way at the moment and some re-designs being done for the plugin (attempting to make it all more intuitive to use). Please be patient with us over the next few months though, because both Craig and I are wrapping up some work in our other income-deriving jobs (so we can continue to work on rbutr, which makes us nothing, but costs quite a lot to develop) and so are moving a little more slowly than we would both like to be. But come the new year, we will both be giving rbutr everything we have, with 100% focus.

So until then, please keep submitting the rebuttals you find, and voting on the ones which are good, and …AND… most importantly, keep recommending rbutr to your friends! And come January, we will be ready for our big launch 🙂




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