User Contribution Points – A leader board sneak preview

So we have been working on numerous behind the scenes elements to help improve our website rebuttal feed and interactivity. Craig has been working his ass off getting it all together, and one of the things I have been looking forward to for a while has just started to come together – points tracking for activity.

It isn’t live yet, but we will release it to the live server over the coming days. It is also still only in it’s first draft format, and all of this stuff is going to be refined as we get more activity, more nuanced levels of interaction and all of that stuff. But for the moment (seeing as we only have awesome non-spammy users) we have decided that you simply get a point for every vote you make, and every upvote your links receive. We are making it so that submitting a link now automatically votes for it too.

Sooo, voting on links is something we want to see more of. Submitting more links is something we want to see more of. And Submitting links which attract lots of upvotes is something we definitely want a lot of. While submitting links which attract downvotes can drive your points down…

We will keep an eye on this though, because we know there is a threat that people will vote down perfectly appropriate rebuttal submissions just because the rebuttal is arguing an opinion that most of our users disagree with. This is NOT what we want to happen. I have said it before, and wil repeat it adnauseum – rebuttals should be voted on based on how appropriate they are as a rebuttal. Not based on how much you agree with the conclusion. I should probably make another post about this subject itself again soon…

Anyway, I just wanted to make this post to give you all an insight in to how things are going so far…. The leaderboard, based on this basic points system looks like this:

      username       | karma 
 Shane               |   630
 Craig               |   167
 doughskept          |   148
 MaryM               |    80
 Dr Mike Sutton      |    78
 JHammond            |    68
 GrahamC             |    56
 pjvanerp            |    48
 sarefo              |    48
 Carpatus            |    46
 krelnik             |    36
 Jenny Ford          |    32
 anonymous39         |    31
 thegene             |    30
 NessyCoe            |    24
 deanj               |    24
 SimonD              |    22
 You Don't Know Jack |    19
 TauriqM             |    18
 nava                |    18

So, firstly, thank you to everyone in this list! You’re all helping to blaze a trail and establish a foundation for rbutr which will hopefully continue to grow and slowly make its way in to the lives of more and more people over the months, and years to come.

Secondly, awesome work doughskept. One of our newest users and you have been really aggressively adding rebuttals so regularly. It has been great to watch! Thank you, and keep it up – when you knock Craig out of second place, we might have to make an event for it 😉

Oh, and one more thing I quickly had Craig look up for me were the rebuttals with the most votes. None have attracted very many votes yet, but that was largely our fault for making it so hard to vote (we were worried about bad votes, and spammy votes etc. We need to get some votes before worrying about those things!) Anyway, our most highly voted rebuttal is this one:

And there are three rebuttals tied at 2nd place. This one, this one, and this one!


Anyway, the changes which will come with these behind the scenes developments will slowly start appearing over the next week and on throughout the next few months. It is going to improve things significantly!

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