rbutr Newsletter Number 6

Almost two months since our last newsletter, it is time to catch everyone up with what has been happening!


I (Shane) was lucky enough to fly up to Las Vegas from Chile to attend TAM2012 and mix with a large portion of the US Skeptical community. I won’t go in to details here because you can read the full trip report in the blog, and see the shaky video recording of the presentation I did on Youtube, but I will quickly mention the main highlights of what has followed on since TAM2012… Firstly, Michael Shermer has agreed to join rbutr as an advisor! So he will be helping us out over the coming months to reach an increasingly wider audience, and get rbutr on more and more computers. Secondly, our average number of rebuttals added per day increased to 10x the levels they were at before TAM. I think we can think Tim Farley in large part for that, after his powerful rallying call to DO Something! Now to try to keep these submission rates up at that level over the coming months!

Who is Talking About rbutr Now?

The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science syndicated a copy of the Poynter article which was written about rbutr a while back, which brought in a lot of new attention. That was shortly followed by a great article in the eSkeptic newsletter which brought in over 500 new members within 24 hours! So hello to all of our new Skeptic Magazine reading users! Dr Mike Sutton then wrote a very flattering article about rbutr in his blog at Best Thinking. Another article followed shortly after that by an entrepreneur friend back in Sydney who thinks rbutr is about to explode in to the public zeitgeist. Hopefully we can finish development and get out of beta first! Oh, and I almost forgot – well before all of that, an article published in Inc.called rbutr a ‘brilliant idea’. What I loved about this article was the fact that it was about how to make money in tech – HA! If only we were making money 😉

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You guys are the most important thing we have going for us at the moment, and we want to hear from you more to make sure we know what you do and don’t like. So if you want to give us feedback and talk about how rbutr works and what its plans are and all that stuff, facebook is probably the best way to do that. So go to our facebook page, and talk to us. rbutr on Facebook (and Twittertoo of course)

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