Chrome Changes – How to install rbutr


More and more people are contacting us now reporting that Chrome won’t let them install rbutr. Sadly, Google recently changed how plugins are installed, and as a default, they will only allow apps in the app store to be automatically installed. Everything else has to be manually installed through the extensions pane in chrome. So until we upload rbutr to the app store, here is a simple work around for installing rbutr:

From this page :-

  1. Download the extension file from the website and save it to your computer.
  2. Click the spanner icon on the browser toolbar.
  3. Select Tools > Extensions.
  4. Locate the extension file on your computer and drag the file onto the Extensions page.
  5. Review the list of permissions in the dialogue that appears. If you would like to proceed, click Install.

The URL to download our plugin is emailed to you when you register.


Feel free to ask questions if there are any problems in the comments below!




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