Chrome App Store Update

Following up from our recent troubles with Chrome changing their policy on third party hosted extensions, Craig has started working on jumping through all of the hoops that we need to in order to get in to the App store. We’re almost there, and will hopefully be able to  release it in a few days.

Being in the App Store creates a couple of problems.. first of all, all of the non app store installed versions of the plugin will one day need to be uninstalled, and reinstalled from the app store. Though I guess this was eventually going to happen anyway… The bigger problem is that it really looks like Google are making so many changes, and making them so regularly that I doubt this will be the last time things suddenly change and apps get broken. There have been at least 4 chrome version upgrades so far this year, and the rules across each version are different – and NOT backwards compatible. ie: If we make the app specifically for the most recent version, people running older versions of the browser will not be able to use the extension! Very frustrating.

Anyway, I am sure it will all sort itself out eventually. We will just find the best fit we can, and release the new app store version as soon as possible and let you all know when that is ready.

Thank you all for putting up with these disruptions during our messy beta phase. When we get to our Version 1.0 launch it will all be worth it! And thank you all very much who have been adding sooo many rebuttals lately. It is so exciting watching them all come through. Anonymous39 and doughskept – your daily submissions are an absolute inspiration to us! 🙂 Keep up the great work.

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