Social Discourse Since the Colorado Shooting

Since the terrible tragedy the other night where James Holmes opened fire in a movie cinema in Colorado all sorts of social commentators have opened up and shared their opinions and thoughts and retaliations on the subject. For the first time though, we are able to follow not only those initial highly public comments, but also the thought provoking responses to them through rbutr thanks to the recent influx of very engaged and active skeptics from the TAM2012 conference.

So, for example, the very popular american evangelist Rick Warren tweeted “When students are taught they are no different from animals, they act like it.” immediately after the shooting, there was of course outrage. Twitter lit up immediately, but of course, so did the blogosphere. We had two posts linked to the tweet page (which has since been deleted, of course), one direct, and one general:

At the same time, another discussion was sparked because of an article making comments about James Holmes being openly christian. PZMyers again responded to that post, which has since (just today) been responded to again. See the discussion, which starts here:

So, within the small time frame since this tragedy, we have already had a quick insight in to some of the discussion which has taken place around it.As our user base grows, we will be able to follow these fall outs of these events on a wider basis with more opinions being taken in to consideration, and hopefully with greater resolution to each discussion.

My personal hope, is that rbutr can help facilitate these online discourses, bringing the wider public in to them, so that hopefully we can all find ways to make sense of them, and unite in our understanding and thereby bring about improvements in society to avoid them ever happening again.

Because this sort of stuff really shouldn’t be happening in the first place.

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