How to Subscribe to Pages and Tags

There are a few different ways you can subscribe to specific pages or subjects of interest in rbutr. All of these ways will be outlined below. First though, what does being subscribed actually entail?

Subscribed to a Page

If you are subscribed to a page, then whenever someone uses that page in rbutr, as either a source page or rebuttal page, you will be emailed about it (all emails are moderated before being sent out).

Subscribed to a Tag

When subscribed to a Tag, you will be emailed whenever any Requests, or Submits rebuttals with the tag you are subscribed to (again, after moderation of the emails)

Ways to Subscribe and Unsubscribe

Subscription Management at

When logged in, you can manage your subscriptions on this page of the website. On that page you are able to unsubscribe from any pages, subscribed to any tags, and/or unsubscribe from any tags of your choosing. You are not able to subscribe to pages here though. There is however, a link to the list of all currently requested pages, where you can choose to subscribe to them there.

Requested Rebuttals Feed

Visit the Browse page and click on “Browse Requests” to see all of the webpages which users have requested rebuttals for. Each page has an option to ‘Subscribe Me’, which subscribes you to the page.

Browse Rebuttals of Specific Tags

While browsing rebuttals, if you filter down to a specific tag  you are given the option to subscribe to that tag at the top of the page.

The rbutr Extension

Whenever browsing an un-rebutted page, you can subscribe to a page by hitting the ‘Request’ button to request a rebuttal to it. This will subscribe you to all submissions of the page to rbutr – whether as source page or rebuttal page.

When you are browsing page which has been rebutted already, there will be an option at the bottom of all of the rebuttals presented to you in the drop down box, offering you to ‘Subscribe to this page’.

Why Subscribe?

To Tags…

The main reasons to subscribe to tags are to receive alerts whenever people submit new rebuttals or requests. If you are interested in a specific topic area – an expert in the field, or hobbyist, or just generally active in a specific area – then you should subscribe to that tag so that you can watch the rebuttals and requests come in. If you can provide rebuttals to the requested pages, then please help out by adding them! If you see a rebuttal come in which you disagree with, then rebut that rebuttal! Subscribing to tags is the best way to keep a finger on the rbutr pulse!

To Pages…

To be alerted when someone has found a rebuttal to a page you want to see a rebuttal for? That is the main reason anyway. Another possible good reason to subscribe to a page, is because you actually agree with that page, and you want to see what the other side says when their rebuttal is added. Maybe you want to respond to their rebuttal as soon as possible…?


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