How to Request Rebuttals

You can only request rebuttals when looking at a webpage which does not already have a rebuttal. To submit a request, click on the rbutr browser extension, like this:

How to request a rebuttal for a webpage, article or argument with rbutr

Click on the Request button, which will bring up the Tag options beneath the URL of the page, looking like this:

How to request a rebuttal of a webpage, article or argument with rbutr

Clicking the Buttons in the Tag Groups will give you Tagging options. You have to select at least one tag from the tag groups before you can type in your own tags:

Once you have selected and typed in your own tags, hit submit and you will be shown a confirmation page.

Some Notes

About the Tags

The tags you select help identify what the request is about so that other users who are interested in those subjects will be alerted to the request. Select as many tags which are relevant to the subject as you want – just make sure they are relevant. Hopefully, the people subscribed to the tags will already know of rebuttals to your requested page, of if they feel particularly motivated and knowledgeable about the subject, may even write their own rebuttals and submit it.

As we get more users, and more people subscribing to tags, this will become more and more powerful.

Why Request a Rebuttal?

Obviously, if you want a rebuttal to a specific page, requesting is a way to draw some attention to the page, and hopefully get some general rebuttals, or better still, a couple of direct rebuttals.

Other than the obvious reason though, requesting rebuttals is a great way to generate some more interaction between rbutr users. By requesting rebuttals you are letting other users know that you want to use rbutr. You want to see rebuttals! You want to see differing opinions, and counter arguments! And with more requests for rebuttals, there will be more motivation for content creators to write rebuttals, to create counter arguments, and more importantly: Add those rebuttals to rbutr, so that people can access them!

It is all about creating the active vibrant community that rbutr needs. If you want to see rbutr be successful – constantly delivering rebuttals to pages that you browse – then start asking for them!

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