Do You Want an API for rbutr?

The idea of making an API for rbutr has been mentioned to us several times now, and while we are open to the idea, releasing an API requires work, and we already have a lot to do. So before we re-prioritize releasing our API and thereby push back other jobs we really want to see released (new and improved browse page, website based request and submittal forms are the two top priorities to be built), we need to know that there are enough people who genuinely want to use it…

So if you are genuinely interested in using our API, and plan on working to develop something in particular to help improve rbutr, please comment on this blog post and let us know. Or email us. Whatever you prefer. If we get enough interest, and ideally a few specific teams working on specific problems (like Firefox, Safari and Opera?) then we have something to work with.

Otherwise, we also agree that having an API is great…and will release one when we get through the pressing jobs and bug fixes which currently keep us super busy.

Don’t forget, we are still in beta! We are still testing and breaking things…  So please forgive us if we mess up! 🙂


Comment below: Will you use the API? What do you want to use it for?

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