Difficulties Installing rbutr on a Mac

A couple of people have had troubles installing rbutr while using a Mac computer. Someone solved this for us in reddit, so I just wanted to make this post to share the methods he used:

The Problem:

I’ve registered, but can’t seem to get the extension to load. I’ve downloaded it multiple times and tried to open with chrome, it downloads itself again rather than loading. I’ve never had a problem loading extensions before.

Running Chrome Version 21.0.1145.0 dev on Mac OS X 10.7.4.

The Solution:

Okay, I got it working. This may not be the only way and likely not the simplest, but it does work.

  1. Change extension from .crx to .zip.
  2. Move ZIP file into its own folder.
  3. Extract contents. (I used 7zX)
  4. Set Chrome Extensions to “Developer Mode”. Found here.
  5. Used “Load unpacked extension…”
  6. Pointed to the folder containing the extracted contents of the CRX (now ZIP) file.

Ta Da!

We don’t know how many people have had this problem, but I know of at least one other, so it is worth posting so everyone else who has it can see the solution!

Thanks for trying rbutr out, and thanks for putting up with all of our little bugs and inefficiencies during our lean beta testing period! We really appreciate the support and feedback.


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