Adopt-A-Blogger is a rbutr initiative to identify bloggers, columnists and other content creators who regularly write quality rebuttals and contrarian pieces, and organise a group of volunteers to add the rebuttals created by those individuals to rbutr as soon as possible after publishing.

The goal is to get the rebuttals in front of the readers of the rebutted content as soon as possible, and in doing so, promote quality rebuttals from quality authors to a wider audience.

How To Help

  1. Recommend Quality Rebutters
    Do you know of Bloggers, Columnists, Youtube Channels, wikis, or any other type of content creator who regularly produce rebuttals? If so, please leave a comment and tell us who they are and where they are. We will add them to this list.
  2. Volunteer to Curate Content from Quality Rebutters in to rbutr
    Identify content creators in our list that you enjoy reading, and ‘adopt’ them. Volunteer to curate their content, keeping close watch to get their articles added to rbutr as soon as possible after publishing. Volunteer by commenting below and letting us know which author you want to adopt.

It is dead simple, and the more contrarian content creators we can cover, the better our chances of constantly covering every subject which comes up in the media with well written and well argued rebuttals by informed thinkers.

So support your favourite writers and video makers today, and Adopt them for rburt! (up to 3 adopters per blogger)


Politics and Society

Religion, Atheism and the Paranormal



  • Snopes  | Not Yet Adopted

As you can no doubt see, our list is very small at the moment. It lacks not only many hundreds of valid bloggers out there, but many other bloggers who are probably significantly larger and more famous than the few we have mentioned here. So Please leave suggestions in the comments below, so we can grow the list of rebuttal-writing-bloggers!



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