Volunteers to Add Rebuttals Please?

We have known since the beginning that finding rebuttals is one of the hardest things about getting rbutr started. The very reason I wanted rbutr to exist was because I found a page which I wanted a rebuttal of, but after an hour of blind Google searches and pointless link following, found nothing. Moving from Source page to rebuttal page without rbutr can sometimes be near impossible. You need to find the rebuttal first! So that you can work backwards from it, to the source. That is the easy way.

So the key to finding rebuttals for rbutr is to simply be on the lookout for rebuttal type articles. Finding the rebuttal article gives you the whole story (up to that point anyway). The trouble is of course, that finding the rebuttal articles in the first place is still just a random hit and miss thing (often helped by being subscribed to skeptical blogs).

Anyway, being king rbutr atm, my head is permanently on “Find rebuttal articles…” mode, so I am finding quite a lot every day. For the most part I am adding them myself, or occasionally handing them off to friends to add for me. But every once in a while I will find a treasure trove list of rebuttals, and that is when I need volunteers to help add them all…

So, for example, today a user added this source page to rbutr: 900+ Peer-Reviewed Papers Supporting Skeptic Arguments Against ACC/AGW Alarm

and about two pages worth of scrolling in to that article there is a list of rebuttals to arguments against it. Rebuttals to rebuttals. Now, whether you agree with the list, or the rebuttals, or the rebuttals of the rebuttals or not – connecting rebuttals of rebuttals of arguments is what rbutr is all about. And if you can find rebuttals of the rebuttals’ rebuttals, then even better! But basically, I don’t have the time right now  to work through every one of these links and add all of the relevant ones to rbutr. Hence why I am looking for volunteers.

I actually think we will create a page, accessible through your account page or something, which lists resources like this where rebuttals are known to exist but haven’t yet been added. Perhaps a wiki page or something. Anyway, until we set that up, here is the list of rebuttal rebuttals on that article:

  1. Are Skeptical Scientists funded by ExxonMobil?
  2. Correcting misinformation about the journal Energy & Environment
  3. AGW Observer: Rebuttal to “Anti-AGW papers debunked”
  4. Carbon Brief Part I: Rebuttal to “9 out of top 10 authors linked to ExxonMobil”
  5. Carbon Brief Part II: Rebuttal to “Using our paper to support skepticism of anthropogenic global warming is misleading.”
  6. Carbon Brief Part III: Rebuttal to “Energy and Environment – “journal of choice for climate skeptics” Analysing the 900+ skeptic papers part III”
  7. DeSmogBlog: Rebuttal to “Don’t Be Fooled: Fossil Fools Fund Latest Climate Skeptic Petition”
  8. Greenfyre: Rebuttal to “450 more lies from the climate change Deniers”
  9. Greenfyre: Rebuttal to “Poptart’s 450 climate change Denier lies”
  10. Greenfyre: Rebuttal to “Poptart gets burned again, 900 times”
  11. Roger Pielke Jr.: Rebuttal to “Better Recheck That List”
  12. Skeptical Science: Rebuttal to “Meet the Denominator”
  13. Rebuttal to 7 Spammed Lies
  14. Rebuttal to “Does size matter?”
  15. Rebuttal to Mothincarnate
  16. Rebuttal to “Poptech’s list of Confusion”
  17. Rebuttal to PSU ENGR 408 Class Paper
  18. Origin of the Popular Technology.net Peer-Reviewed Paper List

If you have a spare 10 minutes to add one or two (or all of them), then i would be incredibly appreciative! Also, don’t forget, one day we will have a points system setup for rbutr, and so adding lots of links now will give you heaps of points later! Yay points! 😀

Just one more point: these links pretty much all link to PopTech’s forum or articles where he argues against the article which argues against his list. In each case where there is a chain like that, he usually links to the relevent article he is rebutting, so you simply need to identify that link, and open the three pages and create two rebuttals (source to rebuttal1, rebuttal1 to rebuttal2). Some of them though are rebuttals of general sentiments he has noticed. If there is no page being rebutted, then there is nothing to link with rbutr, so just ignore these one.

So please, add a few, and leave a comment here that you have done so (indicating which ones you have added), and this will be another swathe of rebuttals added to rbutr. And slowly, one article at a time, we will organise every inter-website discussion online!

PPS: 16 has already been added. I chose not to connect rebuttal1 to rebuttal2 because rebuttal1 has been updated to address rebuttal2 – which is always confusing for rbutr’s purposes.

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