Rebutr, Rebuter and rbutr

I have had a couple of people complain that they mistakenly called rbutr ‘rebutr’ when they first tried to visit the website. They argued that rebutr was easier to remember, or more obvious or something like that. Well, too bad! 🙂 Not only is rbutr more symmetrical than rebutr, but it is a beautiful 5 letter domain (hard to get good ones of them!)aaaannnnddd it’s too late. We’ve sort of gone and invested a fair bit of time in to branding rbutr now, and so changing to rebutr, rebuttr, rebuter or even rebutter just wouldn’t make sense now.

If we were to change names now, it would have to be a significant improvement on rbutr. And I just can’t see that happening. Though I did have another name idea that I did like – too bad it was taken. It was : or and the URL was always to be said “Counter Point com”

Probably would have just been confusing anyway.

So anyway, rbutr is our name, and I quite like it… Hopefully this post will at least help all of those wayward souls who find themselves Googling rebutr hoping to find us. Because I can’t imagine that there is much competition out there for that keyword 🙂

If this post wasn’t to your liking, then here, have a post about some funny brand names for wine…


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