rbutr Newsletter Number 4

Here, in our fourth newsletter we describe a new simple tutorial which has been added to rbutr to help new members add their first rebuttal, highlight our guest post at SkepticalScience.com, mention an article which names rbutr as one of ten start-ups which could change the face of news forever, and describe a few interesting discussions added to rbutr in the last couple of weeks.

rbutr Tutorial Added

In the last couple of weeks we have made a significant change to the registration process which we hope will increase the number of new people adding links (we need more links being added! And we need your help to get them!). When new members register now, they can immediately follow up with a simple tutorial which shows them how to add a rebuttal to rbutr. You can all access this tutorial from your “My Account” page and have a play with it yourself.

Coming updates will be substantial, and will make a big difference to the way the rbutr website works.

Who is Talking About rbutr Now?


We have had a guest article published on Skeptical Science, a website described as “the most prominent knowledge-based website dealing with climate change in the world” which receives about 700,000 visits per month. I would like to thank Skeptical Science for giving us this opportunity, and hope rbutr can play a serious role in assisting online discourse of the incredibly difficult and often emotional subject matter of Climate Change.


On the 20th of April Memeburn ran an article titled “10 Startups that could change the face of news forever” and featured rbutr in their list. This is particularly significant because we were personally selected from the 1000+ Newschallenge applicants (and others), and identified as one of the ten most likely to make a genuine difference. Or as the opening text stated “they have a sheen of brilliance, that if nurtured, could have a big impact on the news industry.” Hypothes.is was also included, so congratulations to Hypothes.is too!

Some Topical Online Debates:

Ted’s Income Inequality Talk

The immensely popular TED site got a lot of attention yesterday when one of their speakers started a media campaign against them claiming that his talk was censored. Chris Anderson, curator of the TED talks website was quick to write a thorough reply to the sudden interest in this talk and its non-inclusion on the website.

In Defence of Profiling

Sam Harris has received a huge backlash with his recent article “In Defence of Profiling”. We currently have 8 rebuttals to his original article, but I am sure there are many more. We also have a chain of counter-rebuttals where you can follow the discussion back and forth between Harris and PZ Myers. If you see any articles posted in your favourite blogs about this subject, please add them where you can! And don’t forget to VOTE on the best rebuttals so we can filter through to the best point-counterpoint debate worth reading!

Necrophilic ‘Farewell Intercourse’ Law Sham

A few notable media outlets blindly copied a false news story about a necrophilic law supposedly proposed in Egypt without any sort of fact checking. Most have issued updated stories now, while The Daily Mail has just completely edited their original story to make it look like they called it nonsense from the beginning (despite apparently being one of the first outlets to run with the story full steam ahead!). So be sure to add any un-corrected articles to rbutr if you come across them. This sort of false information cannot be left laying around the internet to resurface later out of its context.


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