rbutr at The Amazing Meeting 2012

Thanks to a simple comment by SkepticalVegan over Twitter the other day which assumed I would be at TAM this year, it finally dawned on me that…I should be at TAM this year. So with a bit of rushed scurrying around, the ticket, flights and accommodation are now all booked!

So basically I will be in Vegas for a week, attending as much as I can do at the event, and trying my best to organise times to meet with skeptic podcasters and bloggers to talk with them about rbutr, either doing interviews, or just generally demonstrating the app and answering questions.

So if you are going to be at TAM, leave a comment and say hi. If you want to meet up with me, you can get me on twitter, our facebook group, or email me (shane at rbutr domain, as shown on the about us page), and we can organise a time to meet!

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